General Session - Morning
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Simplifying Together

Presenter: Mike Jackowski, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Jackowski, Duck Creek's Chief Executive Officer, opens Formation by discussing the complexities and challenges impacting the world of P&C and General Insurance and how we can work together to simplify those complexities. Hear Mike's perspective on the state of the industry and how we can navigate it together.

Simplifying for Growth

Presenters: Mike Jackowski, Chief Executive Officer and Jeff Consolino, CEO of Core Specialty

Jeff Consolino, CEO of Core Specialty, joins Mike as they discuss how Duck Creek's commitment to evergreen SaaS and Active Delivery via the Azure Cloud is helping Core Specialty streamline underwriting for growth, profitability, and risk management.

Simplifying the Path to Success

Presenter: Chris McCloskey, Chief Operating Officer

Chris McCloskey, Chief Operating Officer, will highlight Duck Creek's continuous commitment to invest in our customers and contributing to their growth and achievements. Listen to Chris as he discusses how we will partner together to simplify the path to success today and in the future.



Mike Jackowski Chris McCloskey Jeff Consolino