Full Name
Tom Benton
Job Title
ReSource Pro
Speaker Bio
Tom Benton, Partner at ReSource Pro, brings over 20 years of expertise as an insurance CIO, industry analyst, and consultant. He guides insurers through strategic transformations and advises tech providers on aligning with industry trends. Tom is passionate about developing strategic plans, fostering innovation to enhance customer experience, mitigate risks, and boost operational efficiency.

With a background in directing IT strategies, including roles as CIO at an insurance carrier and CIO/CTO at non-profits, Tom offers a wealth of experience. His advisory roles span a decade, collaborating with core systems vendors, IT services providers, and insurtech startups, covering IT capability assessment, strategic planning, transformation readiness, customer experience, and vendor selection.

Before ReSource Pro, Tom served as VP of Research and Consulting at Novarica, CIO at Navy Mutual, and CIO/CTO at nonprofits in Washington, DC. Holding a master's degree from MIT and a bachelor's from Cornell, Tom is academically accomplished.

Beyond his roles, Tom contributes to industry reports and publications, presenting at conferences and webinars. His multifaceted expertise positions him as a respected figure driving innovation in insurance and technology, making a significant impact in the evolving landscape.

Tom has contributed to numerous industry reports and insurance publications and has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences and webinars
Tom Benton