Modernizing IT Operations for Business Expansion, Innovation, and Agility
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

From scaling operations to venturing into new markets, we will explore how these initiatives elevate value and enhance experiences for both customers and businesses. Join us as we delve into strategies that not only drive business value but also prioritize customer-centric success while tackling technical debt head-on. Discover how, through modernization, strategic reinvestment of saved resources fuels business expansion, agility and prioritizes key strategic initiatives.

Moderated by Rohit Mehra, Chief Business Officer at Coforge, this session features insights from Trent Wolf, VP of Information Technology at Gainsco—a State Farm Company, and Mary Traut, Head of Commercial IT from West Bend Insurance Company. Delve into the playbook of leading insurers, discovering how they achieve operational excellence, streamline processes, and future-proof their businesses. Gain unique perspectives from both personal and commercial lines of business, offering invaluable insights applicable across the insurance value chain.

Trent Wolf Rohit Mehra Mary Traut